RS MAX foosball table


Designed by Rafael Rodriguez
The more, the merrier. It’s not just a saying; it’s really true. The RS MAX foosball table doubles the fun so you can make the most of the game and some good company. Are you ready to the max?

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Go big. Take it to the max. The RS MAX foosball table shows that although two is company, three is not a crowd; an even eight is the perfect number to exploit the potential and benefits of this foosball table.

The RS MAX is the long brother of the RS#3 Wood foosball table. We’ve stretched it out and resized it to double the fun, accommodating eight players instead of four. This makes it the ideal game for community spaces and group settings. More players. More laughter. More goals. More excitement.

It’s manufactured in high-quality materials in order to withstand intensive use by lots of players, not to mention inclement weather in the case of outdoor use. Its robust structure provides stability for precise, perfect gameplay.

Each colour (white, black and green) comes with standard teams. However, the RS MAX is customisable. You can choose your favourite teams and the field colour. You can decide whether to have players with legs joined together or two legs. You can have male players, female players or mixed teams, and you can choose the colour of their skin. You can even have logos.

Design your own RS MAX and make it unique.


Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint.
Legs: Iroko wood.
Field: HPL
Players: Cast aluminium.
Handle: Iroko wood.

– Set of 7 balls (5 standard and 2 silent)
– 4 extra players (2 per team)


Weight:  264.5 lb | 120 kg

113.4 x 52 x 20.9 in | 288 x 132 x 53 cm
Weight: 445.3 lb | 202 kg



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