Pool balls racked on a cyan-blue felt table at Quality Billiards, a Salt Lake City pool table store.

Pool Table Supplies Near Me

At Quality Billiards & Game Rooms, we provide all of the necessary accessories and pool table supplies to ensure that you have a great billiards table or room. Along with a fantastic selection of pool tables from some of the biggest brand such as Olhausen, American Heritage, and more; we also offer pool cues, lights, racks and furniture, and other accessories. More than anyone else, we understand that Salt Lake City pool tables require high quality accessories. These pool table supplies are able to draw an entire theme or aesthetic together in order to make something great.

We have approximately 250 different cues and hold the largest selection of cue maintenance accessories, tips, and pool cues in the Salt Lake City valley. We are authorized dealers for some of the most well-known brands in the industry, including: McDermott, Valhalla, Pure-X, Athena, Katana, and more. Visit our store page to see our full selection of pool cues and accessories, and visit our services pages to review which pool cue services we offer.

Our billiard table lighting offers good visibility while avoiding eye strain from the lights being too bright. We offer various sizes of table lighting depending on what you have and what you need. Call us for pricing!

Keeping all of the necessary billiards supplies and pool table accessories organized can be quite a challenge. Luckily for you, Quality Billiards and Game Rooms carries a wide variety of cue racks, player chairs, and other accessory storage solutions so that you can pick what best fits your vision and intended functionality or use versatility. Salt Lake City pool tables look best when they are maintained, organized, and well-kept. Our furniture and accessory storage options will help you achieve just that. In an assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes, we have something to fit every game room, aesthetic, and style. Visit our racks and furniture page or call us for more information or inquiries!

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We have served the Salt Lake City pool table community for over 50 years, and have proven ourselves to be a reliable, high-quality provider of not only pool tables themselves, but also their supplies and accessories. We take immense pride in our showroom in Salt Lake City and are enthused to greet customers, show them around, and help them find what perfectly fits their vision.

Beginning in 1972, we started out by selling and manufacturing pool tables and have grown in order to provider a larger variety and assortment of products and items to our customers. We have the largest Salt Lake City pool tables and game room supplies in both the city and the state, and are sure to have what you are looking for so it fits both you stylistic and price needs. In addition to our wide array of products, we also offer a variety of services, including delivery and installation, re-felt and recovery, breakdown and set up, repairs and servicing, and more! We can be involved from conception to set up and installation and provide the best game room options in Salt Lake City and Utah.