A woman playing table tennis on an outdoor table.

How to Pick a Table Tennis Table

There are many ping pong tables available to be purchased. Picking the right one can hugely affect your play and your wallet. Fortunately, with such many decisions, you’re certain to find a table tennis table that can best suit your necessities and spending plan.

Choose a Table Tennis Table

Table Surface Thickness

Most guideline size table tennis tables range in thickness from 12mm to 30mm. When in doubt, the thicker the surface, the better the table. The best ping pong tables for high-traffic rec focuses and for serious players are 25mm+ table tennis tables. Amateurs and game room purchasers for the most part scrape by fine with less expensive ping pong tables that are in the 13mm to 15mm territory.

Why get a thicker table? The thicker table will have a more genuine skip, will be less inclined to twist, regularly has a sturdier underside, and can deal with being moved around something else for spots like clubs or schools.


Whether you are putting resources into family fun, adding a convenience to your business, or dealing with your wellbeing, you maintain that your table should endure. With regards to the life expectancy of a ping pong table, focus on both what is on top and what is under. The surface ought to essentially have a treated paint surface and you will need to stay away from anything with decals or stickers. Better quality ITTF supported tables highlight extraordinary surface medicines to endure higher volume play.

The underside can be similarly as significant as the surface. Each table has its own setup, yet many will state what kind of metal is utilized and the way in which thick the tubing is. For a table that sits fixed in a home, 30mm or less is adequate. An unshakable table tennis table will be around 50mm. The size of the wheel casters is one more element to assess. In the event that your table is going all through stockpiling and continually wheeled around, search for 3in to 6in locking caster wheels to keep things moving without a hitch.

Can You Play with Them Outside?

Indeed! You can play ping pong outside – assuming that you have the right table. It is critical to take note of that except if a table is explicitly named as an open air table, it ought not be put away outside or be exposed to the components.

Outside tables comprise of a specialty playing surface and an underside with weatherproof treating. The tables are tried against ice, UV radiation, temperature changes, intensity and dampness. Some outside ping pong tables closely resemble their indoor partners, yet with an aluminum or fiberglass surface. The greatest aspect of these tables is they can simply be utilized as indoor tables!

There are additionally more long-lasting and enduring choices. Modern table tennis tables are greater, thicker, and a lot heavier. You’ll find these tables in city parks, apartment buildings, bottling works, and resorts. With steel undersides and metal nets, open air modern ping pong tables can keep going for more than 10 years out in a wide range of climate.

What to Know about Foldable Table Tennis Tables

In the first place, not all ping pong tables are foldable, so read the item depiction cautiously. Second, foldable ping pong tables come in two kinds: 1-piece pin-up and 2-piece foldable. The 1-piece configuration is where the table parts just crease up. Numerous passage level, financial plan well disposed tables will have this plan.

To oblige a bigger base and sturdier undersides, a few tables are two individual parts that crease up and can be settled together when saved nearly occupying less room away than numerous 1-piece plans. 2-piece foldable ping pong tables can be more straightforward to move since they are lighter parts. The two parts likewise have the additional advantage of offering solo playback mode. Simply overlap one half up and presently you have a bounce back board to rehearse against.

Portable and Compact Table Tennis Tables

A more modest ping pong table can be an extraordinary choice for those in more tight spaces, however they also have many options. The more modest size takes a little becoming accustomed to, yet can really make you a considerably more talented player.

An average size ping pong table is around 2/3 the size of a guideline table. The greatest aspect of these tables is that you actually get a durable 12mm playing surface, they are guideline level, and they accompany a guideline level net. That all amounts to a considerably more sensible playing experience and abilities that move better to a regular table. Extra elements for this sort of medium-sized ping pong table incorporate serving as a card table and collapsing level for wardrobe or under bed capacity.

Little and portable table tennis tables come in all shapes and sizes. Generally fit into the oddity toy classification as the surfaces may not give an even bob and the aspects are on a lot more limited size. What they need family, they compensate for in conveyability. Since there is no norm for little table tennis tables, give close consideration to the recorded size and the load to ensure it meets your requirements.

Furthermore, in the event that the sum total of what you have is a lounge area table or a recreation area seat, you could in any case have a table tennis table. For a ping pong experience you can take anyplace, consider a retractable table tennis net. These portable ping pong nets stretch to 6 feet and effectively cut on to any surface up to an inch thick. Sufficiently little to fit in a handbag, these flexible nets are a table tennis player’s ideal sidekick.