Is it Time to Resurface Your Pool Table? Here are 4 Telltale Signs That It Is!

As time goes on, the felt of your pool table will be worn down from the movement of balls and any bumps or scratches that happen during gameplay. Though it may seem daunting to keep up with repairs, it is critical for a lasting experience playing pool.

When it comes to pool tables, consistently monitoring the condition of your felt is key in maintaining a great playing experience and keeping it looking new. Even with proper maintenance, unfortunately pool table resurfacing may be necessary due to wear over time. If you’re unsure if this has become an issue for your table, here are four indications that now’s the time for some love:

1. It’s Visibly Damaged

Tabletops can be prone to wear-and-tear, particularly if people are careless during gameplay. But even when accidents occur, you don’t have to worry! If major marks or deep scratches happen, it’s time for a table transformation. Pool table resurfacing should help repair any scrapes and scuffs that may arise – ensuring your tabletop looks good as new!

2. It’s Affecting Your Play

Over time, the felt on your pool table can become worn down and exposed to dirt, dust, moisture or spills. This will ultimately begin to cause irregularities in ball roll which could make it hard for you to play. When a thorough cleaning does not help solve this issue anymore, then it’s likely that you should consider pool table resurfacing with new felt – so that your game is back up and running as soon as possible!

3. Balls are Pocket Catching

By attaching the felt to your pool table’s rails, cushions and slate, you are creating an environment where balls slide into pockets with ease. However, if this felt has become worn out over time — making it more difficult for the ball to move around on its surface as intended — then pool table resurfacing is a simple solution that will ensure there is no disruption to playing quality or enjoyment. Doing so keeps your pool table running like clockwork!

4. The Felt is Worn

Don’t let your pool table become a liability! If the felt on it is wearing thin, you’re at risk of bigger issues. Because if you don’t take action soon, there’s a chance that friction will cause the surface to tear – rendering your expensive investment useless until further repair. This makes pool table resurfacing crucial! Make sure to prioritize this before it gets too bad and avoid any potential losses from having an out-of-commission game in places like bars or arcades where downtime would be damaging for business finances as well.

If you find that you do need to resurface your pool table, make sure to give Quality Billiards a call! From solid color to custom designs, we’ve got you (and your pool table) covered!

How to Care for Billiard Cloth

Billiard cloth, or commonly referred to as felt can be found in a myriad of colors and hues. However, these fabrics are vulnerable to fading from light exposure, moisture damage from spills and dirt that can lead to lower gameplay quality if not maintained properly. For the best game experience possible while also preserving its longevity for years to come – proper care should always be taken with your billiard table’s fabric!

Avoid Playing on Wet Cloth

To prevent any unfortunate incidents, be sure to dry off your table as soon as it should ever become wet or damp. It is of the utmost importance that you never play on a humid or moist surface; this will cause serious warping and unnaturally bizarre ball movement. Furthermore, moisture can damage the felt covering which could be costly to repair!

Wipe It Thoroughly

In the event of a beverage spill, it is imperative to quickly remove any pooled liquid and absorb all moisture with a towel. Neglecting this could cause mold and mildew to develop beneath your billiard cloth, potentially ruining the table’s structure. Furthermore, if yours is made from hardwood then there’s an even greater chance that water damage will occur!

Pretreat Stains

Over time, pool table cloths can begin to fade in color due to blemishes and stains that accumulate. While it’s not always possible to avoid these marks from forming, you can take action quickly by preparing a solution containing water and detergent; use this mixture on a dampened towel for the stain to soak into before gently blotting away any excess with another clean cloth.


To ensure a top-notch pool experience, and your table’s longevity, proper care and maintenance of the billiard table is essential. If you feel you require pool table resurfacing, waiting could cause more harm. By following these instructions above you can guarantee that your favorite game will be as enjoyable now as it ever was while also preserving its quality for years to come.

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